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We provide tailor made weather forecasts for expeditions to the Himalayas or other regions. We run a very high resolution model for the region in order to see the effect of topography in the weather patterns, something really important in high mountain regions.

The forecasts are put together in a dedicated page where everything is optimized for quick downloading time: no adverts, no javascript, no unnecessary logos, etc. This site is designed for downloading at base camp with slow or limited satellite connections. We also send you direct sms to your satellite phone. The information in the sms varies according to the different stages of the expedition (from base camp to summit).

In addition to the page and sms, we make sure that all the information and codes are clearly understandable before the expedition departure.

Our competitive rates are based on the duration of the expedition and include training prior to the expedition and customization of the data and times for sms delivery.


Forecasted conditions at Dhaulagiri.

Wind everest

Connecting to database...


Sample of cloud cover for the Himalayas from the expedition pages.




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