meteoexploration is constantly developing and improving products for application in the fields of energy production, energy trading and mountain water resources.


Solar radiation

We are interested in modelling solar radiation in steep terrain and rough topography. We have developed an R package to calculate insolation on tilted surfaces and made it freely available for general usage. It can be downloaded from:

A larger scale application is the map on the right (click to enlarge), that shows monthly mean insolation in the Iberian Peninsula in March.

Very High Resolution Solar Radiation Map

Online Solar Calculator

Hydropower generation

Hydropower generation is a flexible production system and a convenient storage of power. It is probably the fastest response whenever there are unexpected demand or supply shortages, such as when wind power is stalled.

Hydropower exploitation derives their benefit from optimising the balance between the energy costs of pumping and selecting the best time for a profitable electricity generation. Therefore a reliable knowledge of weather factors affecting other generators is very convenient. See the section on water resources for more information

Wind power

Check our realtime
Wind Power Forecast application.

Example of wind speed forecast by the WRF-ARW model. Click on the map to access the Wind Power Forecast application.

Wind power

Wind power density (W/m²) maps for Germany. Blue circles are installed plants with diameter proportional to power capacity. Hover over the number labels above to select the forecast hour.