Wind and energy forecast for Los Jarales

Coordinates: 37.18, -2.78, 1012 m Andalucía
8 generators of 2100 kW. Installed Power: 16.5 MW


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Values calculated for a generator SUZLON S88 2100


Number of generators:  


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Wind power per unit surface is calculated as \( P = \frac{1}{2} \rho v^3 \), ignoring Betz's Limit, generator efficiency or swept area.
Air density is calculated as a function of local pressure, humidity and temperature \( \rho = f(p, RH, T) \).



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Potential production by region

Mean wind speed at wind farms by region. Wind power density index by region. This is an arbitrary index calculated as the sum of the product of installed wind capacity by wind power density. It gives an idea of the potential wind power production by region. The actual value could be calculated on request.


Additional information

Charts and data can be downloaded by clicking the control button on the upper right corner of the chart.




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